Projects / GRANDPAisms

The newsletter of Arthur W. "Grandpa" Bertsch, published in the late 1970s, with a circulation of 4 and readership of 12.

Volume 1

Issue 1 The premiere issue of GRANDPAisms!
Issue 2 Babe Ruth, wishes for grandchildren.
Issue 3 Schuyler Colfax, the cook, young geezers.
Issue 4 Budget deficit, building a lake, goo goo, early map makers and Canada.
Issue 5 The sun is something, Schuyler Colfax, rain vs. snow, fore plus for, sew and sow.
Issue 6 Top flight hero, saying no, Colfax, Nebraska, if Columbus had waited, an end to space.
Issue 7 The tire puncture, becoming a singing star, Howard Cosell, reading books.
Issue 8 Favorite birthday, two ears, two eyes, reflecting on life.
Issue 9 Growing old, reuniting the American people, things we really don't need, horse and buggy.
Issue 10 Inferior courts, joggers, country music, Julie's Halloween poem.
Issue 11 Indians, Chrysler rebate, issue 9 prediction.

Volume 2

Issue 1 Warm feet, the energy problem, war in the middle east, Italian in the kitchen.
Issue 2 Gypsies on Mound Street, Gem Theater, special awards.
Issue 3 Stories of younger days, weight reducing industry, political boo-boos.
Issue 4 Constructive criticism, award of excellence.
Issue 5 Citizens Military Training Corps (CMTC), part 1.
Issue 6 Citizens Military Training Corps (CMTC), part 2.
Issue 7 Citizens Military Training Corps (CMTC), part 3.
Issue 8 1908 comet, ignorant candidates, fundamentalist churches.
Issue 9 Coffee grounds, First Ward School, one-legged Blackbird.