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A set of tools for NWS weather reporting and radar image compositing. These tools have been tested on Windows 10, Mac OS (with Homebrew or similar package manager for dependencies), Linux, and Cygwin. These scripts utilize services provided by the United States NWS, and can therefore only report weather for locations within the United States.

NWS Plain-text Forecast

A shell script that, given latitude and longitude, produces a plain-text weather report from the NWS. It uses the Lynx web browser in dump mode to retrieve the content as plain text. Some additional text processing is utilized to trim the top and bottom of the report.

./ 40.0395 -84.2033

NWS Radar Image Compositing

Sat Dec 26 2020 Update As of mid-December, the NWS changed their radar imaging system. Therefore, this script will no longer work. I'm investigating the new system to determine how the script can be adapted to work with it.

Fri Mar 27 2020 Update Microsoft PowerShell version added.

A script that, given radar ID, animation time period, and a time value after which old images are deleted ("never" can also be specified), outputs a radar image using the most recent image available and an animation for a duration up to (and including) the most recent image. It uses wget to retrieve the image layers and ImageMagick to produce the composite image and animation (Note: The PowerShell version doesn't require wget). It can be run as a cron job or scheduled task. Example cron job:

5,15,25,35,45,55 * * * * cd ~/Documents/radar ; ./ ILN -.17 .17

The radar image shown on this example page actually consists of 8 layers (topography at the bottom, legend at the top):

  1. Topography
  2. Radar
  3. County (and state borders)
  4. Rivers
  5. Highways
  6. Cities
  7. Warnings
  8. Legend

The layer file-naming convention as well as radar IDs are detailed at the NWS's Downloading RIDGE Radar Images page.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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