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Installing svnserve on Cygwin

By William Jeffrey Rankin, Wed May 17 2023

I recently installed a Subversion server and found this article on Steve's Toolbox helpful. Everything in the article worked for me with the exception of the cygrunsrv command that installs the service itself. For reference, here's the command he documents:

cygrunsrv -install svnserve -disp "CYGWIN svnserve" -path /bin/svnserve -args "-daemon -foreground -root=/cygdrive/c/svn"

Here's the command that worked for me (adjust paths as needed):

cygrunsrv -I svnserve -d 'Cygwin SVN Service' -p /usr/bin/svnserve -a '-d --foreground -r "/srv/svn"'

Additional Notes

If you receive permission errors during check in or other operations, make sure svnserve is running under the appropriate user and has access to the repository directory. You can check this by opening Services > Properties > Log On tab.